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Embracing Rough and Tumble Play

Posted by: Rhonda September 20, 2016

Running, rolling, climbing, chasing, . . . young children are constantly moving. They seem to express themselves best through boisterous, exuberant movement.

“We can choose to celebrate this expression or choose to restrict it,” writes Mike Huber, “but either way, children will continue to move. Rough-and-tumble play—play that involves the whole body—whether it is running, spinning, falling, or roughhousing, is the purest form of what it means to be a child.”

Although often misused as a term to describe chaotic or unruly behavior, rough-and-tumble play is an important part of the development of young children. Movement is the basis for all exploration and learning in the early years of life. It should not only be allowed, but encouraged!

How can this type of physical play, that children thrive on but adults often try to shut down, become an integral part of your program? Read more.