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Rain Painting

Rain Painting

Posted by: Rhonda April 12, 2016

At least for us in the northeast, April brings spring showers but that is no excuse to stay inside! Rainy weather offers a deluge of new experiences for children that are not to be missed. (Apologies to all you readers from dry climates.)

One not-to-be-missed activity is rain painting. This is “water color” painting in the truest sense of the word!

Sprinkle a sturdy piece of paper with food color or powdered tempera paint. Then set it outside in the rain. A nice gentle shower works the best. It is exciting to watch as the raindrops blend and spatter the paint into unique formations. When you think the painting is complete, carefully bring it inside to dry.

Check your forecast for the next possible rain, then get out the paint! In the meantime, take a look here at some more ideas for wet weather fun: Ten Rainy Day Activities for Kids.