Bean Sprouts

Exploring Science: Sprouting Beans

Posted by: Rhonda February 16, 2016

What’s the best way to understand how a seed turns into a plant? Watch it happen!

To do this project you will need a zip lock bag for each child, dried beans, and paper towels. Insert two damp, folded paper towels into the bag. Place a few beans in the center and hang in a warm, well-lit place.

This is a fantastic way to observe the process of germination. While dry, the bean is completely dormant, but as soon as it has water and warmth amazing things start to happen. Watch here.

Our Pre-K learned a lot about growing seeds from doing this activity. Some of the kids chose to hang their bags on the window, but it was too cold—nothing happened! Some kids over-soaked their paper towels and the beans started to grow mold and didn’t germinate. Once the plants had leaves, the ones hanging on the wall started to turn yellow, so they had to get moved back to the window for more light. How long will the beans continue to grow without dirt? We still have to find out.