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Infant and Parent

The Dual Challenge:

Posted by: Rhonda February 2, 2016

Meeting the Needs of Infants and their Parents

In the super busy life of childcare, it’s easy to see why maintaining a good relationship with families sometimes seems like just one more thing on your overcrowded plate. But experienced early childhood educators know that a good teacher-parent relationship is the very plate upon which everything else is built!

In the infant classroom this is perhaps more crucial than elsewhere in your center. Since babies can’t talk for themselves, parents of infants require much more direct communication with teachers than parents of older children. Teachers must be aware of the complex emotional issues involved. Fighting natural instincts, parents are entrusting the most precious thing in their lives into the care of someone else. And it needs to be someone they trust.

“As important, therefore, as being able to work well with babies, is the caregiver’s ability to relate comfortably with adults. That is not a given in our field, where people may subconsciously choose this work because they are uncomfortable with adults,” writes Karen Miller.

How do you meet the needs of both the infants and the parents? How do you maintain the platethat is necessary to provide competent quality care for infants? Read more.