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Defy Gravity with Unit Blocks!

Posted by: Rhonda July 5, 2016

Young children are budding engineers. They invent, design, and solve problems. Most of all, they love to be active and make something interesting happen. Investigations into physical science provide them with opportunities to actively explore and control physical phenomena. –Pamela Phelps

As a subscriber to this blog, you are probably already a firm believer in the power of unit block play. But how do you convince parents that the blocks in your classroom are a valuable learning tool? Can you prove to doubtful superiors that a child playing in the block area is immersed in physical science, engineering, and mathematics?

Besides simply observing children at play, engaging adults in block building is a persuasive way to demonstrate the learning potential in unit blocks. They will soon discover that what is going on in the block area is a whole lot more than “just play”. (They probably also will discover that exploring physics is a lot of fun.)

For example, have you ever made a block roll up an incline? Is it possible? Watch this captivating experiment and then try it yourself.