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Infant room

What is Quality?

Posted by: Rhonda March 29, 2016

Imagine the ideal infant room. Natural light streams through the windows. Different shapes and sizes of furniture provide an intriguing, richly textured world to explore. A large, open area invites large motor play. Soft, cozy spaces to sit or snuggle are scattered throughout the room. There is a sense of security, engagement, and active learning. It is a room filled with frequent and warm interactions. Parents are clearly welcome as well; you can feel their presence through photographs and clearly displayed information.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find infant programs with all these characteristics. In fact, as Jim Greenman boldly writes, “probably fewer than one in ten centers are truly good places for babies.”  

“Quality does not come easily or inexpensively. Quality care for babies is not brandishing an infant curriculum or infant stimulation. It is not spic and span tile and formica, or attractive lofts, or a bump-free environment, or even low ratios and smiley, warm people.”

Then what does determine quality? Read more