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Screen Free Kids

Posted by: Rhonda May 3, 2016

This week many families and schools are participating in the annual “Screen-Free Week”. Trying to eliminate, or at least reduce, digital entertainment for a week is a worthy goal. It is also a good reminder of all the connections our children miss when plugged into electronic devices. But is just one week enough?

Highscope author Shannon Lockart reminds us of the negative—and permanent—impact excessive screen use has on young children. In fact, she reports, “the effects of media on children’s learning and behavior is so profound that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that no child under the age of two should be exposed to screen media."

“The brain grows according to the ways in which it is nurtured. As children interact and experience their world, they are developing the necessary neural connections in their brains that lay the foundation for all future learning. If infants’ and toddlers’ explorations and experiences involve screen media, then their brains are literally being ‘wired’ to learn in a different way.”

This powerful article should be used as a tool to promote active learning for all children. Read the article.