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The Power of Fairytales

Posted by: Rhonda May 31, 2016

Once upon a time, a woman approached the famous physicist Albert Einstein and asked him what she might do to prepare her young son for a successful career in science. “Read him fairytales,” he replied. “And, if you want him to be very intelligent, read him more fairytales.”

If fairytales can turn frogs into princes, than why not children into scientists? There must, after all, be a lot of magic packed into them with fairy godmothers waving wands and animals that can talk.

Watch a three year old—they will absorb the stories with open mouths, literally drinking in the words to the tips of their wiggling toes. The real magic, though, happens around five years old, when the door to the imagination opens and the children are able to actually see the stories in their mind’s eye.

This is more than just entertainment. This is a critical, foundational skill in preparing children for success in literacy, science, math, and other academic skills. Joan Almon explains why—read the article.