Music games

Tap into your Musical Memory

Posted by: Rhonda October 4, 2016

Without pausing to think, see if you can complete the following phrases:

“Old ________ had a farm”

“She’ll be coming ‘round _______”

“You are my _________”

Easy? Sure, because songs you sing as a young child are seared indelibly in your memory. This explains why an elderly person may have a hard time recalling your name but can remember complete song lyrics from decades ago. Music can embed memories in our brains that can outlast all others.

If music has such power, we ought to be filling our children’s lives with songs—creating memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, music has become more about performance than participation. Our voices are being replaced by the technology of recorded music. It’s time to restore the practice of singing!

The best way to get children involved in music is through action songs which engage the whole body. Instead of reaching for the play button, reach back into your childhood, dust off some of your favorite songs and games, and sing! In this article, Margaret Hooton shares a few of her favorites (along with some helpful teaching tips) to get you started. Begin now!