What Has Happened to Play?

Posted by: Rhonda September 6, 2016

Current educational mandates are creating alarming changes in early childhood settings. More and more direct teaching of academic skills is being required at younger and younger ages. Some districts are now expecting four-year-olds to be reading before they enter Kindergarten. Increased testing is demanded to gauge mastery of required skills and teachers are blamed if their young students fail to achieve these “benchmarks”.

How is it possible that these new mandates completely ignore all we know about a child’s physical and cognitive development? And why is play being driven out of the classrooms when it has been long recognized as essential to young children’s learning?

In this highly provocative, research-based article, Diane Levin urges all educators who understand the vital role of play in the lives of young children to take action. How can we restore play as a central part of childhood? Read the article.