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De Clatter your Classroom

Time for Spring Cleaning

Posted by: Rhonda May 23, 2017

The shelves overflowed with piles of games, equipment, and donated items, making the room look more like a neighborhood yard sale than a classroom. In fact, there seemed to be more storage space than floor space. Teachers, by nature, are pack-rats and tend to keep stuff, “just in case,” but how does all this clutter affect children’s learning?

A cluttered play environment can make children restless and unfocused. When toys do not lead to deep engagement, children are easily distracted and tend to flit between occupations. Having more stuff certainly does not make children happier and often stifles imagination. Educational consultant Sandra Duncan refers to this as “mental clatter” which has a “negative impact on children’s growth and development—and especially their behaviors.”

Is there stuff in your classroom that  just collected dust this year? Arm yourself with more than a feather duster for a real spring clean! This article is a bold invitation to De-clatter your Classroom.