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Sit still

Sit still and pay attention?

Posted by: Rhonda May 9, 2017

We all know the feeling—half an hour into a monotonous seminar our thoughts begin to drift, we struggle to stay awake, or we feel an overwhelming urge to fidget. Sitting still for too long reduces our ability to pay attention and our bodies instinctively begin sending us messages to get moving.

So why do we expect kids to be able to focus and be productive learners when they are constantly told to sit down and be quiet? What are children telling us when they won’t sit still?

Brain research clearly shows that children are wired to learn through movement. However, because teachers worry about losing control in their classrooms students are often required to sit still. Is it possible to maintain a positive classroom environment while at the same time allowing children the freedom to move? Mike Huber offers some classroom-tested strategies in this article: Engaging Active Learners.