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finger knitting

Time for a Fine Motor Workout

Posted by: Rhonda February 7, 2017

If you’re wondering why your 4-year-old can’t sit still, just remember that they have over 600 muscles that need daily exercise! While active, full body play is essential for their big muscles, don’t forget to provide them with fine motor activities to give their small muscles a workout too.

Finger knitting is a fantastic and addictive activity for preschoolers. It builds dexterity and strength in the small muscles which control the hand, fingers, and thumb—all critical for later writing skills. It also encourages eye-hand coordination, concentration, and perseverance—all equally important for their development. (Interestingly enough, when a child is fully engaging their small muscles, their large muscles relax and they actually can sit still!)

Do you know how to finger knit? Here are simple instructions and a catchy little song that makes it fun and easy. All you will need is a small ball of yarn.