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Nature Name Hunt

Posted by: Rhonda May 30, 2017

What's the most important word for a young child? Their own name. Because it’s the first word a child can recognize and write, it is their personal springboard to literacy. 

My class of 4-year-olds are captivated with the letters of their names. They enthusiastically discover their “name” in sticks, clouds, and even worm trails on the wet road. They etch letters into the mud, chalk them on rocks, and trace them in sand. If only this exuberance and joy in learning could be sustained throughout their later education!

The outdoor classroom is a great place to build on children’s budding interest in literacy without dampening their enthusiasm by formalizing the process with pencils and paper. Try going on a Nature Name Hunt. Have your kids find natural materials to form the letters in their names. You’ll be amazed at their creativity!