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Screen Free Kid

Screen Free Children

Posted by: Rhonda May 2, 2017

Are you participating in “Screen-Free Week” this year? Eliminating, or at least reducing, digital entertainment for a week is a worthy goal. It is also a good reminder of all the personal connections we miss when plugged into electronic devices. But is one week enough?

Technology affects people of all ages, but it can be particularly damaging for young children. Infant and toddler specialist, Rhonda Gillespie, reports:I have seen a devastating impact on children over the last twenty years. Technology attacks the foundation necessary for healthy development. The accessibility of screen devices has caused a significant decline in children’s resilience, self-determination, desire for hard work, and sense of pride in achievement. And socialization among children is becoming extinct.

“Part of childhood is about problem solving, working out strategies and solutions to everyday life issues. Life became easier with technology, but it also made children unfamiliar with the process of success: hard work and patience. We have created a generation that expects things immediately without effort.”

If we love children, we need to take action to turn this around. Read more.