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Culture of Creativity

Cultivating a Culture of Creativity

Posted by: Rhonda August 21, 2018

Teachers, directors, educators—are you ready and energized for the coming school year or are you already bogged down with stress and deadlines?

Early childhood education can be emotionally exhausting work. However, a strong feeling of creative collaboration and camaraderie among your staff can make the crucial difference between thriving and merely surviving. “Creating a culture of creativity begins with individuals having a spirit of spontaneity that delights others and creates laughter,” write Sharon Carver and Maggie Rosenblum.

Educators at the Carnegie Mellon University Children’s School have found that creative initiatives “increase energy for engaging in the learning process.” It doesn’t actually take much—read how marshmallow peeps, a missing spatula, and the university’s model skeleton infused joy into their learning community. More great ideas here.