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Irresistible Learning

Posted by: Rhonda June 5, 2018

Woodworking in Early Childhood Education

“Anyone who has witnessed young children tinkering away with tools in the woodworking area will know just how magical it can be,” writes UK educator, Pete Moorhouse.

However, despite the magic, many educators are afraid of the perceived risks involved in woodworking and the workbench has all but disappeared from preschool settings. Can this be remedied before we raise a generation of kids who have never used a real tool in their life?

From his years of experience, Pete shares guidelines to setting up a safe, productive woodworking area in your classroom. Yes, it is perfectly possible to teach 4-year-olds how to safely hammer a nail into a piece of wood! The deep concentration, empowerment, and pride visible in the face of a child constructing with real tools will win over any sceptics. Read Pete’s informative guide here.