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Dramatic Play

More Than Dress Ups:

Posted by: Rhonda September 11, 2018

What is Really Happening in the Dramatic Play Corner?

By all appearances, the dramatic play of preschoolers is disjointed and erratic. Characters abruptly change roles. The constantly developing story line takes wild twists and unexpected turns. Conflicts erupt without warning and sometimes, surprisingly, just as quickly dissipate: “Shh. I’m trying to make the baby go to sleep.”

“The dramatic play corner is far more than a ‘dress up’ area,” writes Jean Schreiber. “It is a small universe where children inhabit the world of imaginary play giving teachers a window into the child’s inner life. It is here that children rehearse important themes in their lives and practice and gain mastery in social skills.”

As teachers come to understand the vast amount of learning taking place in this area, they can embrace their role in supporting and facilitating pretend play. Read more.