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Sensory Play

Posted by: Rhonda March 26, 2019

“If it hasn't been in the hand and body, it can't be in the brain.” - Bev Bos

If there’s one thing in common about young children, it’s their ability to make a mess! Children learn best through direct experiences—exploring the world around them with their whole being. They dive, hands first, into an unfamiliar substance—be it oobleck, paint, or mud with little thought to the outcome. They stare, grab, smell, listen, rub, or lick unfamiliar objects, using all their senses to collect data that will be wired permanently into their memory.

If a child’s environment is too sterile or limited, they are deprived of this rich learning. What can parents and teachers do to offer diverse sensory experiences without becoming completely overwhelmed by the inevitable mess? Continue reading.