Toddler Article 2

What About Toddlers?

Posted by: Rhonda June 23, 2020

How to support independent play at home

Did you ever imagine you’d have to bring your vivacious toddler to work with you, let alone attend a business meeting with her on your lap? Taking care of a young child and working an office job are not exactly the best fit. For many parents, however, this has become the daily reality during the last months.

Toddlers are simply not programmed for office life. They demand (and deserve) a lot of focused attention and care. Responding to their needs is critical in fostering healthy development and learning, but this doesn’t mean you need to constantly entertain them. With a planned environment and schedule, toddlers can be completely satisfied playing independently.

Dr. Amy Sussna Klein, an experienced early childhood consultant, offers some helpful advice to parents and caregivers. Read more.