Supporting Sensory Development

Posted by: Rhonda June 16, 2020

Spinning, swinging, dancing, climbing . . . children come wired with an internal drive to move. When confined to a small space, like your home, this constant need can easily overwhelm caregivers. Before you try to restrict the activity, remember that for a child, physical activity is much more than just satisfying an urge for exercise.

Moving and exploring are a child’s way of directly engaging with the world and processing sensory input. This is vital in the healthy development of sensory integration which affects a child’s perceptions, behaviors, and learning. Children who can’t effectively regulate sensory stimulation often struggle with related challenging behaviors.

No one knows the future of child care, but even in these times of uncertainty, children can thrive if surrounded by environments that support their development. Alicia Noddings, Ph.D., offers some strategies that parents can employ to cultivate self-regulation and resiliency. Please share with the families in your program. Read here.