Art You Can Wear!

4 How to make your own personalized hat: View Full Size
5 1. You'll need: flour, water, hat-sized bowls, newspaper, and art materials. View Full Size
8 2. Make a paste mixture by combining equal parts flour and water in a bowl. Stir until creamy. View Full Size
1 3. Place a large sheet of newspaper on a table and spread the paste evenly over the whole surface. View Full Size
2 4. Press another sheet of newspaper on top to "make a sandwich". Add more layers for a sturdier hat. View Full Size
3 5. Cover a bowl in plastic wrap, then mold the large damp paper square over it to make a hat shape. Dry for several hours. View Full Size
9 6. When dry, cut around the edge of the paper to shape the brim. View Full Size
painting 7. Paint! View Full Size
7 8. Decorate using any art materials you'd like. View Full Size
girl Try on your new hat! View Full Size
10 Each one will turn out different! View Full Size
girl But they'll all be beautiful! View Full Size

Here's a great way to display a child's creativity: on their head! 

Create hats out of newspapers, formed into a rigid shape using a simple paste. Provide plenty of art materials: paint, ribbons, colored paper, pipe cleaners—whatever you have on hand. The kids will love decorating and embellishing their own hat and then parading around with their finished masterpiece.

Because of drying time, this project works best spread out over a couple days. Don't forget to put on aprons!

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