Creating Clay Creatures

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materials 1. First we collected lots of natural materials: bark, leaves, acorns, and sticks. View Full Size
molding clay 2. Next, each child molded their lump of clay into a basic “creature” shape: a body and a head. View Full Size
googly eyes 3. Then, they used the nature objects to create googly eyes… View Full Size
sharp scales … sharp scales…. View Full Size
antlers ..huge antlers… View Full Size
nose and teeth …pointy noses and scary teeth… View Full Size
beautiful fur …or “beautiful fur”! View Full Size
process For the 3-year-olds, it was all about process, but boy, were they proud of their work! View Full Size
habitats The 6-year-olds took it a step further, creating habitats for their creatures on big pieces of bark, View Full Size
dragon and naming their masterpieces. View Full Size
museum They were so beautiful, we just had to put them into an “art museum”! View Full Size

What can you make from a lump of clay and some natural materials? Simply adding loose parts to a clay activity can take your project to exciting new levels of creativity and concentration.

I tried this activity with both our three and six-year old classes, with highly successful, though rather different results. Both groups were completely absorbed working on their masterpieces for over an hour! You can enjoy the pictures (and instructions) here.

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