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Here's an activity incorporating art in the sand area. Of course you can do it anywhere, but we set this up right in our sand box where the primary material for this project was abundant—sand! It also made the clean up really easy.

All you need for this activity is sand, cardboard or stiff paper (dark colors will make the sand show up better), glue, and a pencil.


draw lines

1. Sketch a design on the cardboard. 



2. Go over all the lines with glue. This is great practice for fine motor control!


sprinkle sand

3. Sprinkle sand over the wet glue. (We created a funnel out of a square piece of paper for more controlled application of sand.)


shake off sand

4. Shake off excess sand. 



The finished masterpiece!  Make sure to let the glue dry completely before too much handling occurs.

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