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Although not a generally encouraged practice at the dinner table, what kid—given a drink and a straw—won’t try blowing bubbles? Now take that passion for exploratory science and turn it into a fascinating art technique. With a drinking straw, food color, dish soap, and paper bubble-blowing will create intriguing and unique patterns.

Directions here:

1. Put a small amount of water in the bottom of a wide rimmed cup or small bowl. Add food color or liquid watercolor paint and several drops of dish soap.

2 Color in jar

2. Blow through a straw until the bubbles rise above the rim of the container.

3 Blow bubbles

HINT: to prevent a younger child from sucking in the bubble mixture, cut a small notch near the top of the straw.

 1 notch in straw


3. Lower a piece of paper gently down on the bubbles, then lift off. The paper will pop the bubbles, leaving unique circular patterns on the paper.

4 Place paper

4. Repeat, until the prints cover the entire paper.

5 Printed paper

Add fish for an underwater mural!

6 Fish 1

7 Fish 2

8 Fish 3
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