Squeezable Paint

Carolyn Durgin | January 2023

How many times have you caught yourself saying “stop that’s enough glue” when the Elmer’s glue bottles are fair play, and a project is in full swing? 

Here’s an art activity that will let your young artists squeeze uninhibited. Put the brushes aside and apply this 3-ingredient paint through a tiny hole in a sandwich bag.  


  • Flour 
  • Salt 
  • Water 
  • Food coloring 
  • Small Ziploc bags 
  • Heavy weight paper


    1. Stir equal parts flour, salt, and water together. We used ½ cup of each which made about 1 cup of "paint". 

    2. Pour white paint into Ziploc bags. Hint: place the bag in a cup with the edges of the bag folded over to hold it open.

    3. Put a few drops of food coloring into each bag before sealing it. Squeeze the bag gently to distribute the color. 

    4. Snip off about 1/8"from one corner of the bag.  

    5. Squeeze the bag to allow the paint to flow onto the paper. If paint is coming out too slowly or the bag is too hard to squeeze, cut the hole in the bag larger.  

    6. Your painting will be dry to the touch in an hour or two 

    Try extending this activity using popsicle sticks to blend colors on the paper or adding bits of cloth and paper for a collage!


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