International Purchases & Inquiries

For inquiries from the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, please visit

Prices shown on this website are for customers in the United States only. For customers in other countries, please contact the distributor for your country. 

The Americas

  Country Company E-mail Phone #
Canada Louise Kool & Galt +1-416-293-0312
Puerto Rico Camera Mundi +1-787-743-4876


  Country Company E-mail Phone #
Australia +61-39587-6766



  Country Company E-mail Phone #
Indonesia Learn Well Int. +65-6745-0345
Japan Ikuei Inc +81-776-365-955
Korea Boyuksa +82-2927-2121
Malaysia Learn Well Int. +65-6745-0345
Singapore Learn Well Int. +65-6745-0345
Taiwan Biosystems +886-225-712-107
Thailand Learn Well Int. +65-6745-0345