Why Community Playthings?

Childhood is precious. Children need adults who are passionate about their care and success in the most formative and vulnerable years of their lives. Your love for children demands that you give them only the best.

That same passion and commitment have driven our business for nearly 70 years. That’s why Community Playthings has become the gold standard for early care and learning environments. Why invest? The benefits multiply:

Benefits for Owners and Directors
DirectorInvesting in the highest quality materials for your facility produces long-term benefits for children and directly impacts the success of your business. The exceptional durability and ingenious design of our products yields the best return on investment, increasing your ability to attract and retain highly qualified teachers, improving enrollment, and raising your QRIS rating. Learn more.
Benefits for Children
ChildEvery child deserves a safe, high quality learning environment. When children enter your doors they should be welcomed into a warm, homelike space of love and support. This is not only an immediate emotional necessity: decades of research indicate that early experiences have a profound impact on lifelong success. Learn more.

Benefits for Teachers
TeacherThe quality and care of staff is critical to your program’s success. Having listened to the concerns and inspirations of educators for over 65 years, Community Playthings is uniquely equipped to support your teachers. Learn more.

Benefits for Parents
ParentParents know the quality of your facility from the moment they enter—by the quality of the space and furnishings. The visual impact of Community Playthings environments convinces parents that their children will be well-cared for, encouraging high enrollment rates. Learn more.