Benefits for Owners and Directors

Reduce operating costs. Our equipment’s durability is exceptional. After 65 years, there are countless stories of our products being handed down to succeeding generations. Such quality sharply reduces your cost of ownership.

Increase interactions. How important is the environment? One center documented a seven-fold increase in teacher-child interaction when they moved to a space planned and equipped by Community Playthings. An environment that reduces conflict and increases the depth of play increases the child’s autonomy and competence, freeing the teacher for valuable interactions with students.

Protect against litigation. An accident or injury can have severe consequences for children, parents, and your business. At Community Playthings a rigorous design process, including failure mode and effects analysis, reduces your risk of equipment-related accidents. Our safety first approach is your best friend.

Partner with a leader. By investing in Community Playthings you are partnering with the leading provider of quality childcare environments in the United States. Community Playthings environments communicate a vision of excellence, reflecting our own love for children. We are one of those rare companies that design, manufacture, and sell only our own products, so you get consistent quality.

Improve your corporate image. A setting that is safe, developmentally appropriate, and aesthetically pleasing testifies to a commitment to quality. Our industry leadership ensures that your center will remain state-of-the-art.