Benefits for Children

Improved outcomes. The greatest care and investment must be made in the earliest years, since a child’s life will never again present such potential for cognitive, social, and emotional growth. The quality of the environment you provide is crucial to this development.

Developmentally appropriate practice. Play is an important vehicle for developing critical cognitive and social skills. The philosophy that young children learn best through open-ended, self-directed play permeates the design of our products, creating a foundation for learning that will last a lifetime.

Safe designs. Pinch free hinges, childproof latches, and rounded edges are a natural result of child-centered design. Just as important is our vigilance on behalf of children’s health. Rather than awaiting regulation, our product developers closely monitor scientific research, moving early to eliminate potential chemical hazards. Other manufacturers may insist that endocrine disrupters and phthalates are harmless, but our green chemistry policy requires greater responsibility. No one else in our industry can claim to be BPA and PVC free.