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fixing trikes

Young Mechanics

Posted by: Rhonda August 12, 2014

You’ll enjoy this letter we received from a preschool teacher. Let us know if you’ve experienced the same problem!

Dear Community Playthings,

We seem to have a problem with our tricycles. Without fail, every time my youngsters try to go for a ride, the trikes seem to break. The riders have to get off their vehicles and check underneath to see what is broken. Shoddy workmanship, I believe. Luckily these young men are up to the task and have the appropriate skills and tools to get the trikes up and running smoothly.

You know I am kidding you, of course. The trikes are perfect in every way. I have so much fun watching the boys pretend as they play with the trikes. Sometimes they fix the trikes by turning them upside down and examining the wheels and how they spin. Sometimes the trikes "run out of gas" and have to get taken to the “gas station.”  In this way they have also proved to be excellent tools for building language skills with our English language learners.


By the way, our designers recently added a footboard feature to the trikes for even more fun. See them here.