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Mountains of Bubbles

Posted by: Rhonda July 29, 2014

Bubbles, lots of them, and no spills!

Here’s an entertaining craft activity for a summer day. Our preschool tried it last week with very successful results. The best part is that there is no water or bubble mix to spill.

You’ll need: disposable plastic cups, drinking straws, an old T-shirt, and rubber bands.

  1. Punch a hole in the side of the cup near the top.
  2. Insert one end of a drinking straw into the hole.
  3. Cover the top with a wet rag (a cut-up, old T-shirt works well). Use a rubber band to hold it in place.
  4. Squirt a drop or two of liquid detergent on the cloth.

As the kids blow through the straw, a mountain of bubbles will form. To continue the cascade, either wet the rag again or add another drop of detergent. For even more dramatic results, add a few drops of food color to the rag!