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Child's Level

On a Child's Level

Posted by: Rhonda October 14, 2014

Setting Up an Infant and Toddler Space

It’s such a big world. Your classroom may be the one place where a child can reach, sit, play, and work without constantly asking an adult for assistance. When an environment is designed to fit infants and toddlers, they can reach what they need, and explore what interests them—without the caregiver worrying about children getting hurt. Teachers spend less time lifting children, putting them in chairs, getting toys for them, and managing difficult behavior.

To create a child friendly environment, use:

  •    Child sized tables and chairs
  •    Low shelves (24" is a good height) so children can see and reach toys
  •    Mirrors and pictures at child’s eye level
  •    Some adult sized furniture, so caregivers can rock and cuddle children in comfort

Decisions about room layout are crucial. Our staff development guide Infant and Toddler Spaces will help you to create a space where the youngest children can thrive and learn. Request your free copy here.