Capturing the Joy of Childhood

Slide 1 From 1977 to 2011, Tabea's whimsical drawings graced the cover of Community Playthings catalogs. View Full Size
Slide 5 Tabea's love for children can be found reflected in all her artwork. View Full Size
Slide 3 Her unique style, characterized by movement and color, expressed her childlike joy in life. View Full Size
Slide 4 Happy and carefree children, delighting in nature can be found in all her drawings. View Full Size
Slide 11 Tabea produced artwork for Community Playthings for 34 years View Full Size
slide 2 Over the years, many of you told us that you carefully kept each catalog cover to hang on the walls of your center. View Full Size
Slide 7 Since we still received requests for her much-loved artwork, we collected some of our favorite drawings each year in the form of a calendar that became our annual gift to you. View Full Size
Slide 8 We'll miss you Tabea. View Full Size
Slide 10 View Full Size
Slide 9 View Full Size

Remembering Tabea 1948 - 2020

For 34 years, Community Playthings' catalogs were instantly recognizable by the whimsical drawings of children that graced the front covers. Tabea Johnson—mother, grandmother, early childhood educator, high school counselor, friend to all, and artist—will be missed by everyone who's lives were touched by her love and joy. This short slide show contains only a tiny portion of her vast collection of artwork. It serves to remind us of the free and wonder-filled childhood all children deserve. 

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