Compact Toddler Cubby 6 with Totes [A254]

  • Key Features
    • Sized just right for toddlers to “do-it-myself,” learn routines and transition smoothly.
    • Parent love the built-in mail slots—no more notes buried in the backpack!
    • Labeling is a breeze, without tape or mess. There’s even space for a photo.

  • Details & Dimensions
    • Includes 6 durable Compact Totes. 
    • Durable Compact Totes have an easy relabeling feature.
    • Two hooks in each cubby, so there’s ample hanging space for jacket and bag.
    • Built-in slot for communiques helps the exchange of information and messages.
    • Flexible labeling and tote configurations to meet your program’s needs; half or full day.
    • Cubbies connect to Roomscapes units with a Roomscapes Adapter Kit. No tools, no fuss.
    • Cubbies must be screwed to the wall or floor. Each unit comes with hardware to make attachment easy.
    • Personalize cubbies with photos using the Compact Cubby Label Template PDF or Word Document.
    • Cubby width: 7¼”
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 40"
    Depth: 14½"
    Length: 48¾"
    Toddler Cubby Dimensions
    Iters: 2. Furniture for routine care and play 7.1, 7.2
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