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Compassion Deficit Disorder

Posted by: Rhonda March 3, 2015

“Kids seem to have fewer social skills than they did 15 years ago,” remarks one kindergarten teacher. “I find I’m spending more and more time helping my children settle disputes.” What is going on? What can explain the rising levels of bullying and teasing being reported at younger and younger ages?

Current trends, such as the increased saturation of media and technology in the lives of young children, combined with fewer opportunities for play and interaction with others, are feeding this problem which Diane Levin has characterized as “Compassion Deficit Disorder”.

It is vital that children have real life, meaningful experiences right from the start that help them to learn compassion and empathy. From an early age they must learn how to connect with people, build caring relationships, and be able to work things out in an appropriate way.

But with all the pervasive threats to children’s social development, what can parents and teachers do? Read this article.