The Maple Street School

April 30, 2019 • Brooklyn, NY

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Maple Street School is a parent cooperative preschool emphasizing family involvement and connection to the community. Setting up at a new location two years ago was an opportunity to intentionally create an environment in their classrooms that would serve to foster a sense of family and community. In this interview staff members explain how their choice of furniture supports this vision.

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    Located in Brooklyn NY, Maple Street School was founded in 1978 by a group of parents with a vision for a community-based preschool.

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    Maple Street School emphasizes parent involvement, connection to the community, and a cooperative spirit. Parents play a large part in their children’s learning and growth.

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    The classroom set up reflects the values of community learning. A room divider with a gate allows for a natural flow and mingling between classes.

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    Every child belongs in a place where they are loved and taken care of. It is critical to have furniture that supports all kinds of learning abilities.

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    With a small budget, investment is key. Furniture needs to last a long time!

3 room divider
1 Exterior
2 circle time
3 room divider
4 chairs
5 furniture detail copy
“We don't have a large budget; we are a parent cooperative. We believe in investment. It's important to us that our things are going to last. And, we use things pretty hard, we are very roly-poly, artistic people, and rough on the things that we have. We really needed to invest, because we can only take out all those loans one time. ” Jennifer Smith, Program Director, Maple Street School

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