Millbrook Community Preschool

May 21, 2018 • Millbrook, NY

Millbrook Community Preschool at Grace Church is a small, village-based preschool for three to five-year-olds. Beginning with a less-than-ideal space and a passionate vision for play-centered learning, Millbrook worked with Community Playthings room planners to create a compelling environment for children to play and learn.

  • Millbrook directors explain how they dreamed, planned, and worked to make their vision of a play-based center a reality.

  • 3Main Room shot_1MM0807 Full View

    Thoughtful room design and furniture choices create an environment that invites children’s play and exploration.

  • 5Dramatic_1MM0290 Full View

    Come on in for a bite to eat! Roomscapes panels create a protected, but welcoming, area for dramatic play.

  • 7Art Studio_1MM1221 Full View

    For an art area, storage is key. Tote shelves, Wall Cabinets, and a Drying Rack keep all the materials tidy and accessible.

  • 1Cubbies_1MM0067 Full View

    Preschool Cubbies provide plenty of space for storing belongings and give the entry a welcome glow.

  • 4Clay Table_1MM0519 Full View

    Round tables encourage cooperative play. Don't be afraid of a mess, these durable table tops will withstand almost anything.

  • 6Rocking Boat_1MM0572 Full View

    Today it's a row boat, turn it over tomorrow and you have a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff. Either way it's great large motor activity.

  • 2Library_XMM9875 Full View

    Child-sized arm chairs create the perfect place to comfortably enjoy a story.

3Main Room shot_1MM0807
7Art Studio_1MM1221
4Clay Table_1MM0519
6Rocking Boat_1MM0572
“As educators, we always have to be willing to adapt, rethink, and re-imagine until we get it right. We have a moral imperative to make this a wonderful first learning experience for children.” Maureen Sarma, Program Director 2013-2017

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