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Care vs. Education?

Posted by: Rhonda May 19, 2015

“A parent approached me a couple years ago and explained, in an apologetic tone, that she was pulling her daughter out our of our accredited campus child care center to put her in a ‘real school,’” relates Carol Garbonden Murray.

“I mustered up all my professionalism, put aside my pride, and proceeded to inquire about her decision. She explained that although she loved our program for her toddler and appreciated how happy her daughter was learning through play, she wanted her to have a different experience as a preschooler. She chose a neighborhood preschool where there was an academic curriculum to help her prepare for kindergarten.”

The way early childhood is viewed in our society is complicated. Child care is sometimes mistakenly viewed as merely custodial work instead of educational. In trying to make the case that “we are not babysitters,” however, have we pushed aside the tremendous value in the daily acts of caring for young children? It is important to articulate to parents the learning potential present in each moment of daily life. And it is important that, as both educators and care givers, we defend our important work. Read on.