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Creating a "Yes" Environment

Posted by: Rhonda April 7, 2015

Children love to push at boundaries. They want to know where you draw the lines, what you expect of them, and how you respond to daily occurrences.

Think how many times each day you have to tell a child, “no”. Are there some days when you feel like a police officer, constantly monitoring and redirecting traffic? This can be extremely stressful and exhausting for both you and the children.

How can we turn our classrooms into “yes” environments? This doesn’t mean that teachers allow the children to do whatever they want. It means that routines and expectations are age-appropriate. It means that the boundaries are clear and make sense. The teacher is free of “managing” students and instead can focus on being a facilitator of the children’s play and learning.

In this article, Teresa Gonsoski outlines the four important qualities to consider in transforming your classroom into a “yes” environment. If it means less stress for every person in the classroom, the journey is worth it! Read on.