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how babies learn

The Wisdom of Grandmothers

Posted by: Rhonda January 6, 2015

Grandmothers know best. Who would argue that! With their motherly instincts and years of experience they deserve to be listened to. But are their voices being drowned out by the virtual avalanche of new products that claim to be essential for infants' learning and development?

What has become of common sense? Do infants really need all those gadgets and flashing lights in order to receive “sensory stimulation”?  Don’t they just need, (as your grandmother would tell you), their fingers, toes, and some undivided attention from their caregiver? And if we know that infants learn through exploration and movement, why are there more bouncers, activity chairs, and other “container apparatus” being sold than ever before?

“Our parents and grandparents seemed to instinctively know what babies needed. Has commercialism and information overload confused those instincts?” ask Lois Ingellis and Arlene Rider.

As we begin this new year, here is some age-old, but very refreshing, advice from two grandmothers who also happen to be college professors!  Read the article.