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Old Trucks

What Makes a Good Toy?

Posted by: Rhonda October 25, 2016

Selecting toys for children takes more consideration than simply a price comparison. Playthings worthy of a child’s attention should be safe, beautiful, functional, and exceptionally durable.

Time is the ultimate test of durability, as you can see from this letter we received from Peggy Weaver:

Fifty years ago, while employed with a Head Start Program, I used their catalog and ordered several toys for my children at home. Just last week, I passed four of the trucks on to my great grandson for his birthday. They were still just as sturdy as the day we purchased them.

The boy's father said, "They don't make toys like this anymore—where in the world did you find them?" Your logo was still clearly visible on the trucks so I decided to try and find whether you were still in business. My order 50 years ago was without a doubt the best money we ever spent for toys—which are now being enjoyed by the third generation!

For more guidelines on selecting children’s playthings, request our free resource: The Stuff of Childhood.