clothespin activity

Everyday Engineering

Posted by: Rhonda March 15, 2016

The best part about the concept of loose parts play is that it is so simple. It doesn’t take much to invite and sustain creative, focused play—sometimes just offering a different combination of everyday materials will open up unexpected levels of exploration and fun.

Do you have any clothespins in your classroom? What about popsicle sticks? Our PreK classroom combined the two for a highly captivating table-top activity. Something about the way a clothespin opens and closes is almost addictive to kids. After some trial and error, they discovered how to use the clothespins to connect, balance, and hinge the popsicle sticks into amazing structures and formations.

Besides being a fantastic engineering activity, playing with clothespins helps develop fine motor skills. Finger strength and control is needed for a lot of the basic skills a child needs to master such as learning how to write.  

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