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Wisdom of Nature

Planet Earth: Right Outside Your Back Door

October 13, 2020

“What is the most important place on the planet for children?” asks Rusty Keeler. “As adults we may think of lofty places of great natural importance, and yet the most important place for young children is your back yard. That small simple place that children visit every day is actually the most important place in the world. It is the place where children use their senses to explore the planet and experience the wonders of nature.

“All it takes is someone like you to decide to bring nature into your back yard and allow children to explore. Plant bulbs that pop into flowers in spring. Bring dirt, sand, and water into your yard. Plant shade trees and fruit trees and trees that burst into fragrant bloom. Allow corners of your yard to grow wild.

“As we beautify our back yards we are beautifying the world and beautifying children’s introduction to the planet.”

From The Wisdom of Nature. Download your free copy here.