Tie-dyed Snowflakes

1. materials 1. You will need: coffee filters, felt pens, scissors, and a small cup filled with 1/4 " of water. View Full Size
2. color 2. Flatten a coffee filter and decorate freely with washable felt pens. View Full Size
folding 3. Fold in half, in half again, and again, and again. View Full Size
4a in cup 4. Set the tip into a cup filled with ¼” of water. View Full Size
4b Davis waching 5. Watch as the water rises and the colors blend together! View Full Size
paper towels 6. Keep folded, and press dry between paper towels. View Full Size
cutting 7. When completely dried, cut out simple designs around the edges. View Full Size
finished 8. Carefully open to reveal your unique snowflake. Remember, no two snowflakes look alike, so each time will be a surprise! View Full Size
window 9. Tape to your window or wall, or hang from your ceiling with ribbons to create a winter wonderland! View Full Size

The best activity in winter is to get outside and enjoy the snow. But for the times when the weather doesn't cooperate, try this snowflake-making project with your kids to bring the beauty of the season indoors.

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