Christmas Crafts

Craft Ideas for Kids

Community Playthings | December 2023

Children love gifts. They love receiving gifts, but it is hard to match the excitement children get from giving gifts—particularly gifts they created themselves.

We used the natural materials collected in autumn to make beautiful natural ornaments and decorations to bring home to parents and friends at Christmas. Here is a peek at some creations crafted by preschool children.

Milkweed pod candles

Create natural picture frames by gluing corn kernels, pinecones, seedpods onto cardboard from old cereal boxes creating one of a kind artwork.

The beautiful candle flames are made of dried milkweed pods.

Nature Wreaths

Gluing objects onto a cardboard circle makes a lovely table center or wreath for the wall. 

Indian Corn stars

Smaller nature objects like beans, seedpods, or dried ornamental corn kernels can be glued onto holiday shapes.

Conker star

This ornament was created using a horse chestnut seeds as a base, with sticks skewered through it to make the weaving frame.

Gumball Tree Ornament

Some seed pods, like this one from a Sweet Gum tree can be easily made into beautiful ornaments. Just paint them gold and add a string!

A short walk through the yard, under some pines, or along the beach, can often yield an abundance of art supplies. Combine these with children's creativity, for natural keepsakes that will delight any gift recipient.


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