Vintage Vases

| May 2023

A beautiful centerpiece

As teachers, we love being able to create something out of nothing. Here’s a fun project that’s been around for decades but is a success every time. 

The end result—a “vintage” vase—really does look stunning, and when it’s made by a child? Well, then it’s extra special!



You will need:

  • an empty bottle or jar
  • masking tape
  • shoe polish
  • rags or paper towels

Apply masking tape

1. Begin by tearing small pieces of tape and randomly sticking them on the container.

Apply masking tape

2. Continue, overlapping the pieces, until the entire outside surface is covered with tape.

Brush shoe polish on

3. Rub brown shoe polish over the taped area. (Make sure to use aprons and cover your table with paper!)

Polish to a shine

4. Buff off any extra polish using a clean paper towel. Let dry for a few hours.

 Fill with water and flowers

5. Fill the vase with water and insert flowers

Happy Mother's Day!

And now it's a beautiful centerpiece!

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