Our environmental commitment is as solid as our furniture.
Our children deserve a beautiful world—one that’s as healthy and safe as we can make it. That’s why Community Playthings is committed to environmental stewardship. In all aspects of our business—from product design, to manufacturing and delivery—we seek to minimize our environmental impact. And, we have the highest industry certifications to prove it.

Local Care and Craftsmanship
Community Playthings has always manufactured products right here in the US, primarily in New York and Pennsylvania.

We use maple, not only for its beauty and strength, but because the trees grow fast, reforest well and flourish in the northeast—close to our woodshops instead of thousands of gallons of diesel fuel away. We partner with local companies for raw materials, not only to reduce shipping distance, but also to help other American businesses and families in tough times.

Stewardship of ResourcesFSC
Excessive logging of the world’s forests has contributed to habitat destruction, water pollution, and displacement of indigenous people. That’s why all our furniture is made with FSC®-certified maple from responsibly managed forests.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent non-profit organization established to promote the management of the world's forests in accordance with environmentally and socially responsible guidelines. Our FSC mark demonstrates that our products are independently certified to come from forests that are legally and responsibly harvested.

FSC is the most stringent wood certification program, and the only one to date that can help qualify for LEED® credits (MRc7: Certified Wood).  View all certified products.

SCS LogoThe Health of Children
Buildings, furniture, paints, toys and flooring can emit VOCs, chemicals that can cause health problems, especially for young children. To provide the best protection for children, Community Playthings works with SCS Global Services to evaluate our products against the most stringent indoor air quality standards in the U.S.

Our furniture has achieved Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification. We chose Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification because it has the toughest threshold for indoor emissions and uses the only human health-based standard for indoor air quality—and nothing less will do for our children. Qualifies for LEED® credits (EQc4: Low-Emitting Materials–Furniture). View all certified products.

SWA Smaller Footprint
Eager to do our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we joined the SmartWays Transport Partnership, a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We use freight partners committed to fuel efficiency. And, the maple we use is grown locally, so transport is minimized.  View our SmartWay certificate.

The ultimate environmental standard?truck
The test of time. Quality products that last for decades don’t clog landfills or require a lot of resources to fix or replace. Our durably made furniture and toys will be around for generations to come.