Set of 48 Unit Block Units [G471]

  • Key Features
    • Our wooden blocks are solid maple and exceptionally resistant to splintering and denting
    • Finger friendly: velvet-smooth, with evenly curved edges and no sharp corners
    • Modular: Unit Blocks are modular and integrate seamlessly with Mini Unit Blocks, Hollow Blocks, and Mini Hollow Blocks. Let the fun begin!
    • Accurately cut: crucial in reinforcing math concepts and for stability of structures.
    • 48 additional unit blocks in your block corner extends the block play possibilities.
  • Details & Dimensions
    • Includes: 48 unit blocks
    • For ages 3–80 years
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 2¾"
    Depth: 1 3/8
    Length: 5½"
    Ecers: 22. Blocks 7.2
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