Model 1 Starter Kit [L210]

  • Key Features
    • Easy, tool-free assembly. Lofts are assembled with posts and childproof connectors.
    • Short, safe stairs just right for little feet
    • Convenient supervision, with the second story on adult eye-level
    • Variety of panel surfaces—carpet, clear acrylic, hardwood, dowel—add visual and tactile experiences
  • Details & Dimensions
    • Specify connector color choice: red or neutral
    • Washable carpets of nylon fiber are stain resistant, with a BioCel Cushion backing. To remove carpet for cleaning, give the corner a gentle tug.
    • Use the tool-free leveling feet to make your Loft stable on uneven floors.
    • Downstairs archway height: 23½"
    • Railing height above deck: 32"
    • Dowel spacing: less than 3½" (CPSC Guidelines) 
    • The Loft Height Chart has dimensions to help you keep things safe.
    • For ages 2–5 years
    • Use only under direct adult supervision.
    Product Dimensions:
    Height: 60"
    Iters: 3. Provision for relaxation and comfort 5.1, 7.1, 7.3
    Ecers: 5. Space for privacy 5.2, 5.1
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